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América Anónima - centro norte sur - 

26/02/ 2022 - 07/05/2022


América Anónima - center, north, south -, influences and questions the intrinsic roots of what is American from the pulse of the earth and the sky to power and the colonial and postcolonial violence exercised towards an American identity amalgamated by an abrasive capitalism that floods and ends sweeping away the anthropophagous and the geographical.

This exhibition, composed of more than forty works by eight artists, shows different contemporary artistic visions of the current American continent. At a time when institutional attention to Latin American art is consolidated by the main museums in the world. This exhibition therefore offers an extended and alternative reading to recent revisions, such as that proposed by the Reina Sofía Museum in its Vasos Comunicantes, which has included in the permanent collection the work of a dozen artists from Central America and other hitherto underrepresented regions.

América Anónima leaves us with unresolved questions or perhaps already foreshadowed in the created imagination. Maintaining confidence that art helps and guides us out of anonymity, indifference and the loss of uniqueness with the ancestral and the sacred. We thank these artists for allowing us to enter a worldview that allows us to glimpse the guardians and guarantors of the present in a land with name and latitude.

Yolanda Andrade I Muriel Hasbun I Mathias Goeritz I Graciela Itrubide I Mauricio Kabistan | Antonio Romero | Joaquín Torres García I Augusto Torres

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