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Antonio Romero

El Salvador (San Salvador) 1978.
Lives and works in San Salvador.

Graduated in Fine Arts with a specialty in Painting from the University of Salvador, Antonio Romero is a multidisciplinary artist who combines his artistic activity with curatorial work as well as cultural management.


In Antonio Romero's recent portraits and bodies of work we find the humanized imaginary of the anonymous. It is the spectral scenario of impunity and trauma where the victim and the perpetrator find themselves behind the same character, behind the same prosopon. These nameless individuals are all and none simultaneously.


They are the center, but also the south and the north, they are the power of capital, the power of power, which is neither created nor destroyed, it only passes through hands, it is transformed. It is the power of the right and the left that govern an increasingly poor American continent in the last decades of modernity in its eternal promise of progress.

In 2022, Memoria begins to represent his work in Spain and incorporates his Navarone series in the group exhibition América Anónima and in 2023, organizing his first individual exhibition in 2023.​ Since 2021, five paintings from the Navarone series have been part of the permanent collection of such important institutions as the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. In addition, other important public and private collections, among which the following stand out: Reina Sofía National Art Museum. Mario Cader-Frech Collection. Ernesto Poma Collection, among others.


América Anónima - centro norte sur -

26/02/ 2022 - 07/05/2022

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