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Yolanda Andrade. Terry Holiday y el México De-generado

01/06/ 2022 - 25/07/2022




My photography seeks the man in struggle, not defeated.

Yolanda Andrade


Memoria Gallery presents the first individual exhibition of Yolanda Andrade (Mexico, 1950) in Madrid within the Off Photo Spain Festival through the unpublished work that the photographer dedicates to the figure of Terry Holiday and the gender theme over more than 40 years. years of production.


A look that begins with his early captures of the first transvestite star in Mexico City, whom he immortalized in her performances in the clandestine cabaret of the center of the Mexican capital at the end of the 70s. The visual testimony continues to narrate the events that They mark the opening of gender in Mexico until today.

This exhibition represents a great opportunity to contextualize the career of this established Mexican photographer, who still remains unknown to the general European public. Furthermore, it operates as a mirror to reflect the analogous social movements that took place during the Democratic Transition in Spain and especially with the Movida Madrileña. The curatorial story proposed by Galería Memoria proposes a continuity in time through the lens of Yolanda Andrade and invites us to reflect on the social impact of figures like Terry Holliday and how they served as a vicarious model for subsequent emerging LGTBI +, Punk or Queer movements through Culera Aesthetics.

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