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19.01.2023 - 21.02.2023


Vicente Rojo (Barcelona, 1932 - Mexico City, 2021) and Gustavo Pérez (Mexico City, 1950), dialogue in an unprecedented way in an exhibition that marks the ceramicist's debut on the Madrid cultural scene.Both artists, who maintained a close friendship until the death of Vicente Rojo, offer us a shared imaginary where geometry and matter meet in harmony.


Their Mesoamerican influences and their common interest in the field of design define the visual essay that brings the viewer closer to the production of these two references in the history of Spanish-Mexican contemporary art.Rojo, co-founder and artistic director of the iconic Editorial Era in the sixties, intertwined his career as a painter with his career as a typographer, designer and illustrator of famous titles of Ibero-American literature.

The work of Gustavo Pérez represents the synthesis of years of mastery in the field of ceramics, being recognized by the Cartier Foundation by inviting the artist to the Southern Geometries, from Mexico to Patagonia in 2019. Memoria, as part of the third edition of the Madrid Design Festival - Festival OFF, presents this project made up of around thirty works by both artists, including paintings of Mexico under the rain and their graphic series Códices, both from the eighties , accompanied by a selection of ceramics produced in different techniques in the last two decades by Gustavo Pérez.

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