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Terry Holiday

Mexico City (Mexico), 1955.

Lives and works in Mexico.

Terry Holiday is a multidisciplinary artist trained at the La Esmeralda National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving in the early 1970s. Throughout her artistic career, she has ventured into film, theater, fashion, writing, set design and painting, among others.


During the 1970s, she was part of the countercultural collective Peyote y la Compañía, with whom she participated in the 1977 Experimental Art Biennial. To finance her plastic arts studies she worked in film and theater, under the direction of important directors. In 1972, she worked as an extra in Alejandro Jodorowski's The Holy Mountain and, then in 1978 in Lucrecia Borgia, a live musical delirium with more than 100 performances. She also collaborates with the film director Juan Ibáñez.


Holiday is one of the most important figures within the LGBT community in Mexico, promoter of nightlife and activist representative of the Trans community. Recently, at the beginning of 2023, she has exhibited simultaneously at the Manos Amigues community kitchen and Cultural Center, in the Positive-Negative exhibition, at the Image Center and at Radical Imaginations of the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City. Currently, she is the leading actress in the play Los Arrepentidos, directed by Sebastián Sánchez Amunátegui.


Exhibition Fantasías Disidentes in Memoria has been her first appearance in a gallery space in her career, as well as her presentation as a visual artist in Europe. Terry Holiday will present her first monographic exhibition Patchworks in Memoria on March 9, 2024 in the city of Madrid.


Fantasías disidentesChile-México (1978-1987)

31.05.2023 - 25.07.2023

Festival Off PhotoEspaña

Terry Holiday: Patchworks


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