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Eugenio Merino

02.03.2024 - 11.05.2024


MEMORIA welcomes its first project with Eugenio Merino (after more than 10 years without exhibiting individually in Madrid) taking the ruin as an excuse, the industrial and working class context of the Carabanchel neighborhood becomes an archaeological void that viewers can step on as a metaphor for those who are still underground. The exhibition focuses on the missing body of the poet and playwright Federico García Lorca, one of the most representative figures of 20th Century literature. The project, which is curated by Alejandro de Villota, Director and Founder of MEMORIA, features a critical text by Art historian Semíramis González.

As stated by Alejandro de Villota, “Merino, with his radical and transgressive imagination, once again strains the fragile historicity of Spain as well as the trauma shared by the Civil War. 200 square meters of uncomfortable sand surrounds The Granada born poet’s present body, submerging us in a figure and context that ends up being desubjectivized. Lorca is immersed in an eternal predream in which, for some, Spain is still to be found. The installation of a single and symbolic piece, unleashes in a forceful and uncontrolled way the bestiary of those who watch, judge and punish, even today where hate crimes seem to be normalized with greater frequency”.

On the other hand, Semíramis González affirms that “Eugenio Merino resorts to the telluric Lorca, of the authentic, of the dust and the earth, to turn him here into a monument and a presence that opens in the earth, like an abyss that becomes present even though he tries to hide it (...) The poet’s political commitment, his defense of the republican cause and his sexual freedom are three axes of analysis that are still under discussion today (...) On the rough ground we find, apparently, nothing. The ruin has been installed as the protagonist, without trying to hide it, and it is precisely this, the rest of it, that welcomes us”.

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