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Soy mujer que habla con el viento 

Maya Goded

29.05.2024 - 20.07.2024


This exhibition, the first solo show in a Spanish gallery by the Mexican photographer and filmmaker Maya Goded, brings together a selection of twenty images featuring women in resistance who are fighting to abolish the violence of those who encroach into their territories to occupy them, a struggle that is etched on the female skin and body. By travelling through forests, jungles, valleys and deserts in Latin America, Goded explores the historical bond with nature of women who struggle on a daily basis to heal generational wounds and protect their relationship with the cosmos. They are women who understand the behaviour of water and the earth from a place of respect, far from anthropocentrism; who seek to build a reality where sustainability guarantees harmony with the environment; who make healing and healing rituals a personal and community gesture, turning them into political acts in defence of life.

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