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Recent Works. Lin Calle
24.11.2022 - 07.01.2023 


Lin Calle presents her second individual exhibition at Galería Memoria. In this exhibition titled Recent Works, Memoria has selected a set of fifteen large-format works and woodcuts created during the present year. In them, the freshness of her generation is revealed with a new approach to color that overflows our perception towards the emotion and the optimistic drive of the creator, in a clear desire to prevail and make all these emotions palpable in her canvases. This very contemporary and vital message becomes appealing to a viewer who is trapped in the new present shared with the artist.
Since her first exhibition appearances, Calle has demonstrated that her work is an ancestral journey through our immateriality, where she offers us a common place to meet, another space where the wind sleeps, and where beauty becomes perennial. Nature felt like a commonplace and powerful discursive construction, as a space to think about what is different.

In the gravitated beauty of her work, there are detained moments. In all of it, the hope of a world in which light wins over darkness and nature speaks to us to understand it as an equal without confrontation transpires. Lin Calle invites us to return to humanize our gaze, cultivating our amazement towards what we have become skeptical of and what surrounds us; our routine. Her painting has sound and speaks to us; it sounds like a river, it sounds like the cacophony of a happy forest. She is perceived as the forest murmur in the succumbing of her pre-dream and the silence of her awakening. They have suspended landscapes where the boundaries between the real and the imaginary blur, with it our space-time; present - future - past.

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