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Lin Calle

Hubei (China), 1994.
Lives and works in Madrid.

Spanish artist with a degree in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid (2017), specializing in painting, drawing and engraving. Among other studio collaborations, it is worth highlighting her participation as assistant to Cai Guo-Qiang (Quanzhou, China, 1957) in the project The Spirit of Painting (2017), carried out in the Salón de Reinos of the Prado Museum . She has received the UNED Plastic Arts Award (2021) and was a finalist at the Reina Sofía Award (2020).

Currently she focuses her research on the search for new forms of construction and representation of contemporary abstraction, combining specific concepts of oriental landscape painting with procedures typical of American abstract expressionism and color field painting. In this sense, the boldness and absence of the mechanical component when organizing her creations is significant, except for her work engraved in woodcut where the reproducibility of the works that she herself hand-prints in the workshop is not abused or felt. her.

Lin Calle held her first individual exhibition in Spain in 2021, in Memoria, with the exhibition Líricas de viaje. In 2022, she presented her most recent works in her second monographic exhibition. In 2023, she participated with Memoria in the general section of ZONA MACO, in Mexico.


Her work is part of important public and private collections, including: Complutense University of Madrid Collection (UCM). Madrid Spain; Mario Cader-Frech Collection and in others  private collections in Spain, France, Belgium, Taiwan and Japan.




Recent Works, Lin Calle

24/11/2022 - 07/01/2023 

​Líricas de viaje, Lin Calle

25/11/ 2021- 20/02/2022

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