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Lin Calle - Líricas de Viaje Pinturas + xilografías 2018 - 2021

25.11.2021- 20.02.2022




Líricas de viaje is the first individual exhibition in Spain of the Spanish artist Lin Calle (Hubei, China, 1994- ). In Madrid, Memoria presents a selection of twenty-five works, including paintings in large and small formats, as well as wood engraved works. A painted lyrical universe that immerses us in a rich and mature plastic repertoire of a paradoxically emerging artist.

Each work contains a different visual strategy and a particular use of color with graphics that operate autonomously and independently within the same thread of conceptual coherence. Each painting could have several sister works but they are only children. As the sculptor Eduardo Chillida (1924-2002) said, his favorite work was that which had not yet been created. In Lin Calle, we find that narrative condensation in each painting, that intensity and dedication that only comes from true invention, the additionality of that which arises from a full and committed incubation process.

Líricas de Viaje, presents a rich and mature repertoire of work where the trace of his duel with pictorial representation is captured with double transparency in his work on the front and back of his canvases that he carefully chooses on Imperial Street in Madrid, such as if it were a piscomagical act. Lin manages to give her paintings a painted subconscious that emanates history to the surface.​ Líricas de Viaje gifts us with these matrices, essences and aromas that are the logs of a journey into the interior that is tremendously human, so direct and refined at the same time, that it becomes a collective imagination where we are able to reflect and travel.

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