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Joaquín Torres-García

Montevideo (Uruguay), 1874 - 1949.

Joaquín Torres-García, painter, muralist, illustrator, sculptor, theorist and teacher, was born on July 28, 1874 in Uruguay, where he spent his childhood and adolescence, before moving to Spain with his family in 1891. The Catalan origin of his father of Joaquín, motivated the Torres-García family's move to Barcelona, where Joaquín enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academia Baixas. The flourishing artistic atmosphere in Barcelona and its original modernism led Torres-García to collaborate with Antonio Gaudí in the execution of a series of stained glass windows for the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca and the Sagrada Familia (1903-1904).


​He made prolonged stays in various European capitals. He settled in Paris in 1935, frequenting an art scene imbued with surrealist ideas. Joaquín Torres-García proposes an alternative to the force of the movement by founding the constructivist Circle and Square with Theo Van Doesburg and Michel Seuphor. Opposed to all dogmatism, Joaquín Torres García spoke out for a free art reconciling cubism, surrealism and neoplasticism. In 1936 the artist decided to return to Uruguay, where he would live the rest of his life, dedicated to the task of introducing the European avant-garde and developing his universal constructivism through the founding of the Constructive Art Association and the Torres Workshop. Garcia. The artist also published the magazine Círculo y Square in his native Montevideo, in which he adapted constructivist principles to Amerindian territory. Modernist theories and pre-Columbian heritage are mixed with symbolic and timeless precepts. In 2020 he was part of the inaugural exhibition of Memoria, El Castigo, as well as the group exhibition América Anónima in 2022. Among the recent retrospective exhibitions held on the author, the one held by the MoMA in New York stands out. in 2016, The Arcadian Modern.


​His work is part of important public and private collections, including: Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain; Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona, MACBA, Spain; National Museum of Art Catalunya, MNAC, Barcelona, Spain; Valencian Institute of Modern Art, IVAM, Valencia, Spain.; TATE Modern, London UK; British Gallery, London. United Kingdom; Center Pompidou, Paris, France; Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, New York, United States; The Metropolitan Museum of Art, MET, New York, United States; Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, United States.





América Anónima - centro norte sur

26/02/ 2022 - 07/05/2022

El Castigo

10.09.2020 - 15.06.2021
Exposición Inaugural

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