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Eugenio Merino

Madrid (Spain), 1975.

Lives and works in Spain.


Eugenio Merino directs his aesthetic attention towards a reliable political commitment and a sense of humor with clear Duchampian roots. Creator of disconcerting sculptures and installations, Merino has demonstrated his ability to establish transdisciplinary work, capable of merging different media and discourses. His work is characterized by the manipulation  of  images belonging   to political figures and confronting them with historical narratives that are apparently overcome.


His artistic works are distinguished by an incisive criticism of the hegemonic powers (political, economic, religious and monarchical) showing the most lacerating contradictions and injustices of our common reality.Merino's work focuses on carrying out collaborations with different creators (Miguel G. Morales, Avelino Sala, Santiago Sierra, Pierre Valls) achieving very enriching artistic dialogues. His insolent and provocative proposals have a solid impulse of satirical (re)presentation.


Eugenio Merino questions each and every one of the established values; from the contemporary art system itself and its iconic figures to the crude and subtle variations deploy by government technologies to control and subdue us.

His work is part of important public and private collections, among which stand out: Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Móstoles (CA2M),Móstoles, Spain; Café Negro Collection, Mexico City, Mexico; Lester Marks Collection, Houston, United States; Censored Collection, Museum of Forbidden Art, Barcelona, Spain; Santander Collection, Santander, Spain; Manuel Expósito Visual Signals Collection, Barcelona, Spain; Klasse Collection, Madrid, Spain; Galila P. O.C. Collection, Anderlecht, Belgium; Ernesto Ventós Visual Odor Foundation, Barcelona, Spain; Station Museum of Contemporary Art, Texas, United States; Armando Martins Museum of Contemporary Art, Lisbon, Portugal; Kunstdepot Göschenen - Christophe Hürlimann and Elisabeth Weber, Zurich, Switzerland.

On March 2, 2024, Merino will present at the Memoria Carabanchel space the exhibition entitled: Ruina. It is his first solo exhibition in Madrid in the last 10 years.




Eugenio Merino: Ruina Arqueológica.

Memoria Carabanchel


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