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Antonio Romero (2017-2023)
23.03.2023 - 30.03.2023 


Along with the Y.ES Contemporary Foundation, Memoria presents the first solo show of the Salvadoran artist Antonio Romero (El Salvador, 1978) in Spain. The strategies of concealment of identity that Antonio Romero’s depicts in his artworks address and synthesize the actual citizen tension in El Salvador, bringing to Madrid during its great art week a political exhibition in which to review the pictorial work of the artist in recent years through twenty works produced between 2017 and 2023 from his Navarone, Tropicalia and Selfie series.


In the work of Antonio Romero we visualize the humanized imaginary of the anonymous. It is about the spectral scenario of impunity and trauma where the victim and the perpetrator are behind the same character. Faces from which a bidirectional (utopian-dystopian) projective power emanates, similar in nature to the eternal history of progress of the American continent and which speak to us of a stealthy violence that makes its way through the gaze of Romero’s portraits. and scenes as disturbing as an unknown tropical nature that hides the dark silences of the system in its depth.


Born in El Salvador, Antonio Romero has a Degree in Fine Arts specializing in Painting (2017). He combines artistic activity with curatorial practice and currently enjoys the first scholarship of the YES Artist Academy. In 202, the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid acquired artworks from the Navarone series to add them to its permanent collection.

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